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Mark Sullivan Books Book Club
2 MonthsJan 05 2020 04:36
All the stars in the universe.
Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan —- This book was great, amazingly written, it’s a story about courage and personal tragedies, it’s also about love, unsung heroes, cruelty in times of war and injustice.
2 MonthsJan 05 2020 04:37
It was a good book. Caught my attention in many places. There were many surprises even now and then.
2 MonthsJan 05 2020 04:38
Simple but beautiful writing about an amazing young man’s story of being in Italy during WWII.
2 MonthsJan 05 2020 04:38
Wonderfully written and tokd. Unique and unbelievable story of a true hero of World War II. Must read and highly recommended.
2 MonthsJan 05 2020 04:39
One of the best books I’ve read in a very long time. Couldn’t put it down.
2 MonthsJan 05 2020 04:32


A heart-pounding rappel into the chasms of darkness Whitney Burke is a renowned cave researcher and marine biologist who has abandoned her livelihood … Read More

2 MonthsJan 05 2020 04:31

The Fall Line

A former investment banker who destroyed his career by laundering money for a powerful drug cartel Jack Farrell is on the run from both the FBI and ru … Read More

2 MonthsJan 05 2020 04:12

Triple Cross

From the author of the bestselling Beneath a Scarlet Sky comes A smart prescient thrillerThe story snaps and twists like a cracking whip you cant help … Read More

2 MonthsJan 05 2020 04:09

Private LA

When Hollywoods golden couple goes missing Privates Jack Morgan is the only one who can solve the mystery Thom and Jennifer Harlow are the perfect cou … Read More

1 MonthFeb 02 2020 11:01

02-02-2020 – We started reading Private L.A..

371 daysMar 02 2020 08:34

03-02-2020 – Private L.A. book has been Completed.