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Ramsey Meadows Book Club
7 MonthsJun 20 2020 12:56

Ok started Promise of Blood late but will try a 50 pages a day pace like I did with the Stand.

7 MonthsJun 20 2020 00:56

First couple of chapters are very interesting. I like it.

Ramsey Meadows Book Club
7 MonthsJun 10 2020 11:37

Is anyone thinking about what to read for Ramsey’s challenge? I just read two short things that were so good!

First Contact: I read the micro story “They’re Made out of Meat” by Terry Bisson (hilarious). It “explains” the stories of alien abductions. Here’s the free version: https://rb.gy/imucjj

Paranormal detective challenge: I read a very intriguing letter by the famous Roman lawyer and writer, Pliny the Younger. He is asking a friend about the existence of ghosts and he relates three experiences that half-convinced him. It was AWESOME 😃

Thank you for the challenge, Ramsey.

7 MonthsJun 10 2020 23:37

I am so excited that you have already finished and feel bad that I haven’t even started.

Ramsey Meadows Book Club
8 MonthsMay 20 2020 06:39

I will start Promise of Blood May 28th. If anyone wants to join in.

8 MonthsMay 20 2020 18:39

That sounds perfect.

Ramsey Meadows Book Club
8 MonthsMay 18 2020 04:04

So glad you guys read Dune, it totally inspired me to finally pick it up. I really got into the story around pg 100, as the prophecy trope started to develop. Dr. Kynes starts noticing all the ways Paul seems to fit the prophecies. Loving that 🤓 Also, the first sand worm is sighted (such cool imagery!) + a very tense dinner party. Totally into it and can’t wait to read further. Would love to hear anyone else’s thoughts- what did you think about the beginning?

Looking forward to Promise of Blood, too.

8 MonthsApr 26 2020 20:55

Who has been your favorite side character up till this point? I loved the interaction between the Reverend mother and Paul. Also the way Dude Leto is on the Thopter and how Kynes reacts to him. I love the way Gurney always has a song to sing at the right time. I hope you keep enjoying it. There is a hard break where the book is broken up into two books I can’t wait to hear what you think when you get there.
Also yes excited for Promise of blood.

8 MonthsApr 28 2020 22:09

I think Kynes is my favorite side characater because he’s so mysterious and powerful. All of his interactions are loaded with tension. Love it 😀

I JUST FINISHED BOOK ONE 😮😮 I’m going to reread that last scene with Paul & Jessica because SO MUCH CRAZY. I really thought the Kwisatz Haderach and the Muad’Dib would be the same person.

8 MonthsMay 10 2020 21:30

Would it be a spoiler for me to ask the difference between “Muad’Dib” & Alison al-Gaib?

I LOVE the descriptions of Paul’s time-vision: “ He knew the time-area surrounding them, but the here-and-now existed as a place of mystery. It was as though he had seen himself from a distance go out of sight down into a valley. Of the countless paths up out of that valley, some might carry a Paul Atreides back into sight, but many would not.”

Btw, I don’t mean to hold back the group 😅 Go ahead and read and I’ll catch up. I’m very slowly enjoying!

8 MonthsMay 12 2020 14:34

The difference I think is Muad’dib is the name he chose and that he saw in his dream vision. I think it gained power because of who he became. The title Lisan al-gaib is the name for the off world Prophet. Which was how the Bene Gesserit tried to control the Fremen through prophecy.

8 MonthsMay 15 2020 02:05

Ahh, thank you! Last night I finally read the part where some of this is explained, but I was super confused before then! Lol The religion seems rather insidious…

JUST READ THIS: “My mother is my enemy” eek eek eek

8 MonthsMay 18 2020 04:04

Yes the Bene Gesserit are pretty awful from what I can tell. and they implanted the religion on Arrakis 100 years ago.

8 MonthsMay 10 2020 21:41

I like all the quotes from Princess Irulan, too. They really fill out the world and cast!

8 MonthsMay 14 2020 01:28

Dreamers Pool

Award-winning author Juliet Marillier weaves magic mythology and folklore into every sentence on the page The Book Smugglers Now she begins an all-new … Read More

8 MonthsMay 14 2020 01:28

My Mom voted for this one