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Action books Book Club
1 MonthDec 12 2019 18:52

Now let’s proceed to our new book to read: Seven Ancient Wonders by Matthew Reilly cool

Action books Book Club
1 MonthDec 12 2019 18:46

Great book! I love James Rollins. He’s like a cross between Tom Clancy and Micheal Crichton. Right up my Star Trek/Indiana Jones alley!! I highly recommend his books to anyone who loves any of the aforementioned authors or movies. Basically anyone who is a geek like I am.

1 MonthDec 12 2019 18:47

I enjoyed it! Fast paced, action packed story with biblical history thrown in!

1 MonthDec 12 2019 18:49

Clap clap for James Rollins Map of Bones!

2 MonthsNov 20 2019 19:36

Slaying Monsters
A raw look at one girls attempt to heal and process sexual assault and past abuses in a way that will make you both cry and cheer … Read More

2 MonthsNov 20 2019 19:35

BreakthroughBy Michael C Grumley … Read More

Action books Book Club
2 MonthsNov 20 2019 19:31

Wow epic books, nice picks guys!

2 MonthsNov 20 2019 19:37

These are all action books